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Essex Self Storage Company

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We are proud of our company and its drivers and are happy to recommend the Self Storage Companies that use regularly use. We regularly travel to Thurrock including Stanford-le-Hope and Corringham in Essex and recommend using the Self Storage Facilities at 1 Big Storage Solutions. We use 1 Big to look after our various commercial consignments that we need short term storage for,

We are happy to recommend them as they are a real professional company with great staff who make it easy to store and retrieve your possessions when needed.

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Moving a Chocolate Fountain

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Recently had a big contract to take Chocolate Fountains to weddings and parties that wanted to¬† Hire a Chocolate Fountain. Didnt know much about Chocolate fountains before this job but read about then and found that not only are chocolate fountains generally extremely popular, but they also provide an attractive centre piece for any party, wedding reception, or special celebration. Guests both young and old will enjoy being able to dip a choice of selections, such as fruit and marshmallows, into the chocolate stream. The fountain adds an air of sophistication to the celebration and is likely to be remembered for some time to come. Since fountains are available in a range of sizes, it’s possible to cater for both small and large gatherings, as well as for children’s parties. Although chocolate fountains cannot be used outside, they can be used in marquees for events that will be taking place outdoors.

When considering hiring a chocolate fountain for an important event, it’s worth shopping around for the best option. Not only is it essential that the chocolate is of good quality, but it’s also necessary to consider the dips and other aesthetic details that you wish to be included. You’ll need to ensure that the fountain meets the required safety standards and check that someone will set it up for you. Some companies will also include a person to oversee the running of the chocolate fountain throughout the event. The best companies will be prepared to work with you to ensure that they meet your specific requirements. If you’re looking for a greater variety of dips or types of chocolate then inevitably that’s going to prove more expensive. However, although hiring a chocolate fountain may not be cheap, it will pay dividends in helping to create your dream event.

My daughter is getting married soon and decided to treat her to one of these fountains. This is the best place I have found to hire Chocolate Fountains is this Marquee Hire Directory it looks like a great place to lookup companies operating in your local area.

At a social event, the presence of a chocolate fountain often adds to the social interaction. As people take it in turns to dip their fruit or sweets into the chocolate, a natural topic of conversation is created. In that sense it also serves as an effective icebreaker, keeping both the chocolate and the conversation flowing freely.

It’s often difficult to provide something for everyone’s taste at large events, but chocolate fountains seem to go a long way towards doing just that. Such is the universal appeal of chocolate and attractive, tasty desserts.

Glass Manaquins

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12 new glass maniquins delivered from the factory in London and delvered to the new soon to be opened Pecocks Store at Newcastle City Center . As per usual the item in this case were very fragile due to laying the goods across the floor of the van however with Courier Works keeping and using removal blankets and softning the Maniquins made the jorney without any damage

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Fuel samples

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0001Again collected urgent flammable jet Fuel from Esso in Southampton and delivered successfully to Thurrock in the early hours this morning

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New windows, doors and conservatories in Essex

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We really recommend a Window, Door and Conservatory company we recently used to have our house in Southend refitted with new doors and windows as this company has impressed on every level from its cheap prices to the fact that they fitted our doors and windows on time and without fuss and mess. The quality of the products are great, I think they manufacture them themselves in Benfleet at their own workshops, so take a bow Mr Windows – A great Essex company.

Compare the great service we had with Mr Windows with this….

So We booked the van to have a new window screen fitted today, after the original booking was cancelled by the repair company on the Sunday before fitting . So we wait as the screen is booked in for today 14/06/10 am .So what happens screen is different to the one originally fitted so as we speak we are waiting for a new screen to be delivered and fitted, how hard can it be? I just wish Mr Window done car windows

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Fuel samples 12/06/10

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More urgent fuels samples delivered from Birmingham down to Thurrock (even on World Cup opener day) we deliver on time

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Courier Works Recommends Essex Businesses

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Courier – Works Joins Federation of Small Businesses. I’m sure this will be very good news for all involved including the people at Courier Works.

Johns Brickwork – an Essex Builders – A Professional Building Company are now our recommended local builder, give them a call or email.

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Important docs sent to Rotherham again despite the horrendous traffic conditions on the M25 M1 the delivery was done professionally and we was able to negotiate the bad traffic

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Fuel samples taken from Birmingham to West Thurrock again all samples delivered on time and with out any incidence

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samall but urgent delivery to a well known bank
again delivery done on time

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