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Special Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper evident labels are used for many purposes and come in a variety of types and can be ideal for those documents and packages which require extra security and where other types of seals are not suitable.

We use the Unisto EntriSeal which has special elements built into the design, such as inks which are photo luminescent and words printed into the label.

If any tampering takes place with the documents it will produce a VOID message and you know its security has been breached.

This label can also be used on the doors of vehicles which again will provide proof of tampering.

This is an excellent way of securing our vans.

This method also happens to comply with new Department of Transport legislation for certain vehicles entering airports.

By using this type of label you can be assured in the knowledge that the documents have arrived at their destination in the same condition as you handed them over to us.

For your peace of mind!